Tuesday, March 29, 2011

so much going on...catching up

Finally an hour to catch up on all that has been happening. So excited about the Pottstown Garden club photography contest. Unfortunately, my new garden will not be in full bloom until after the April 30th deadline. I am hoping they run it again next year, so we can all capture our summer gardens for submission..

I discovered a wonderful new and interesting place for entertainment. There is a charming Artisan style Bed and Breakfast.. way up in Bally. Landhaven is owned by a delightful couple, Ed and Donna Land and They have been restoring the former Huff's Church store. They have adapted large store area into a fabulous BYOB venue for singer song writers. They can seat approx 80 people and have added a great sound system. On the other side of the building they created 5 terrific guest rooms, all with state of the art spa baths. I like that they gave each room it's own name reflecting previous owner's of the store. They have a full venue of concerts and its all on their website www.landhavenbandb.com. A must check out for the music lovers.

I also recently visited the Reading/Berks fine arts and crafts festival in Kutztown. After experiencing the OJR arts and craft show...it was a bit disappointing. It was a smaller show and although they did have wonderful music It lacked the diversity of the OJR show.

On the way home, I did satisfy my thirst for artistic inspiration with a visit to the Dancing Tree Creations,off rte 73.(www.dancingtreecreations.com) Lynn and Beth have increased their offerings greatly and are adding an outside garden art section for the spring. It was great to visit and pick up a few gifts and hear their plans. I know it will be exciting. You must check them out....

So now.. I will just wait until the temperatures are warm enough to get started in my new gardens. Happy spring!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The OJR craft show...

First of All, let me make it clear that this was no ordinary "craft" show...The quality of products offered by the juried vendors was exquisite to say the least and very, very affordable.

This was my first time attending this show and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the beautiful and creative wares. When I returned home I asked several friends and neighbors if they were aware of it and none where...so my mission for next year is to alert all my art loving friends to this wonderful event...and to save up lots of money to spend there...

I also discovered from one of the artisans that they will also be at the Kutztown Univ for the Reading/Berks Fine Art fair on March 26th and 27th....hope to see you there....enjoy

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Home Show in Oaks

It was a blustery but bright day for my trip to the Suburban Home Show in Oaks..and worth the trip and the entrance fee..I wasn't able to attend on the Free day Thursday, but this show definitely was worth it. When I entered I was delighted with the sight of beautiful Landscape designs complete with grass and flowers surrounded by waterfalls...and if that doesn't get one's heart in the mood for spring, I don't know what will.

The vendors where the usual heating systems,all kinds of windows and awnings, roofing contractors and other hard building suppliers, but also grand spa's and wonderful outdoor lighting, drapery workrooms and garden suppliers. There where gift and food vendors and even a few musicians as well as entire modular home that you could walk through..and boy,they have come a long way in design and layout.

They also had an interesting schedule of speakers on a variety of subjects... but I was not able to attend at the time they were scheduled.

I was taken in by one supplier selling exotic flowering bulbs that I have never seen before. Before I knew it my checkbook was out and my new garden spots all planned. Now I just have to wait til planting time.

This show was definitely worth the entrance fee and if you didn't make it this year, put it on your schedule for next year.
My next adventure will be the Valley Forge Home Show March 24th thru 27th. My only concern is whether or not to take my check book...

Friday, February 18, 2011

BIE Home show...

I finally made it to the home show last Sunday morning. I always have great expectations of discovering new products and services when I attend events such as this. The focus of this show seamed to be structural and hard building elements.. heating, cooling, roofers and construction and kitchen design companies. I thought this show missed the mark..no flooring companies, no lighting companies no appliance companies. I know there are many great new products in all these fields..As a designer, I am constantly receiving information on the "latest and greatest" of everything for the home. I realize the economy has been tough, but I know there are companies in the area doing business in all these areas...but did not see them there..could it be that having the event at a fair grounds instead of Sunnybrook influenced these business in their choice to not be represented? I trust they had plenty of time to prepare..

On the other side of the coin, I received a mailing on 2/12/11 inviting me to participate in another home show at Sunnybrook in mid March...I am not clear on the organization running this show..with just a month's notification of this event, I won't be there..one month to plan for an unproven event, that is costly and a fundraiser for an unrelated organization...well I will just sit this one out..

My next outing will be the Philadelphia Home and Garden show in Oaks...it starts the 24th of February...Perhaps my thirst for inspiration and new products will be quenched at this show...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


After a winter of way too many "snowed in" days, I am looking forward to all the up coming "Home Shows" in our area. I love these shows. It is a chance to get out and see what is new, what exhibitors are finding important to show us...a chance to get inspired.

The first of the local shows is the Tri-County show...this year at the Kimberton Fairgrounds with the Pottstown BIE as the organizer. The BIE's main purpose is to showcase and promote its members to the greater community. I am not a member of the BIE, but perhaps I will find that this is an organization I want to join. Their show is Feb 11th until the 13th...I will be reporting my findings and observations here after the show and I hope to hear from those of you who attend.

The second show is in Oaks on February 24th through 27th and this one will be a bargain on the first day, Thursday, as it is free on that day. You know which day this frugal designer will be attending. This one is run by a professional exhibition company, so I know it will have a different focus..The disadvantage to attending on the "Free Day" is that most of the Keynote speakers are scheduled on the paying days. If you are not interested in hearing the speakers, then attending on the "free day" could be a bargain for you too..Again, I will be writing about this one too and look forward to your thoughts after you attend.

And the final show is from March 25th through 27th...at the Valley Forge Convention Center. It also will be organized by a professional exhibition company, but unlike the other shows, it is free every day. What this tells you, the con summer, is that the exhibitors pay a higher fee to be there and you are more likely to find the larger companies showing their wares there...and I will be commenting on this after the show...

Happy exploring and shopping to you all...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcoming 2011 with some ramblings!

I haven't felt this excited about the beginning of a New Year in a long time. There are so many signals around us of improvement and change for the positive..not the least of which is the launch of "OWN" TV. I have been watching and I'm thrilled with the thoughtful and inspiring programing.
This is the time of year I begin to re-evaluate lots of things. Closing the books on my business for last year and purging papers no longer need for the IRS. Looking at possession's and deciding which no longer have value to me, and making a list of new wants and dreams. Yes, even "dreams" and "wants" need updating and modification and hopefully expansion. I love the idea that "God has bigger dreams for you than you can dream yourself". I see that every day with the "wow, how about that" events in my life. I know we all have them. The trick is to make certain that we notice them... which sometimes requires that we shift away from old thinking and try, what I call "what if" thinking. I find it very liberating.
Anyway, Next week is moving day for my dear friend to her new home at the Villa of Morelatton and the hard work is all complete..We had great fun with the process...the planning, sifting,sorting and packing of stuff. The measuring and shopping. And now the new furniture has arrived and her other things are being delivered to the new home on Tuesday. It is such and exciting time for her. She has embraced this change with great love and appreciation, as she does every thing in life... And that is why I have chosen her for my personal role model for aging well.

So as your sorting your stuff for the IRS, I hope you take a little time to update your wishes and dreams too....