Friday, February 18, 2011

BIE Home show...

I finally made it to the home show last Sunday morning. I always have great expectations of discovering new products and services when I attend events such as this. The focus of this show seamed to be structural and hard building elements.. heating, cooling, roofers and construction and kitchen design companies. I thought this show missed the flooring companies, no lighting companies no appliance companies. I know there are many great new products in all these fields..As a designer, I am constantly receiving information on the "latest and greatest" of everything for the home. I realize the economy has been tough, but I know there are companies in the area doing business in all these areas...but did not see them there..could it be that having the event at a fair grounds instead of Sunnybrook influenced these business in their choice to not be represented? I trust they had plenty of time to prepare..

On the other side of the coin, I received a mailing on 2/12/11 inviting me to participate in another home show at Sunnybrook in mid March...I am not clear on the organization running this show..with just a month's notification of this event, I won't be month to plan for an unproven event, that is costly and a fundraiser for an unrelated organization...well I will just sit this one out..

My next outing will be the Philadelphia Home and Garden show in starts the 24th of February...Perhaps my thirst for inspiration and new products will be quenched at this show...

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