Tuesday, February 8, 2011


After a winter of way too many "snowed in" days, I am looking forward to all the up coming "Home Shows" in our area. I love these shows. It is a chance to get out and see what is new, what exhibitors are finding important to show us...a chance to get inspired.

The first of the local shows is the Tri-County show...this year at the Kimberton Fairgrounds with the Pottstown BIE as the organizer. The BIE's main purpose is to showcase and promote its members to the greater community. I am not a member of the BIE, but perhaps I will find that this is an organization I want to join. Their show is Feb 11th until the 13th...I will be reporting my findings and observations here after the show and I hope to hear from those of you who attend.

The second show is in Oaks on February 24th through 27th and this one will be a bargain on the first day, Thursday, as it is free on that day. You know which day this frugal designer will be attending. This one is run by a professional exhibition company, so I know it will have a different focus..The disadvantage to attending on the "Free Day" is that most of the Keynote speakers are scheduled on the paying days. If you are not interested in hearing the speakers, then attending on the "free day" could be a bargain for you too..Again, I will be writing about this one too and look forward to your thoughts after you attend.

And the final show is from March 25th through 27th...at the Valley Forge Convention Center. It also will be organized by a professional exhibition company, but unlike the other shows, it is free every day. What this tells you, the con summer, is that the exhibitors pay a higher fee to be there and you are more likely to find the larger companies showing their wares there...and I will be commenting on this after the show...

Happy exploring and shopping to you all...

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