Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcoming 2011 with some ramblings!

I haven't felt this excited about the beginning of a New Year in a long time. There are so many signals around us of improvement and change for the positive..not the least of which is the launch of "OWN" TV. I have been watching and I'm thrilled with the thoughtful and inspiring programing.
This is the time of year I begin to re-evaluate lots of things. Closing the books on my business for last year and purging papers no longer need for the IRS. Looking at possession's and deciding which no longer have value to me, and making a list of new wants and dreams. Yes, even "dreams" and "wants" need updating and modification and hopefully expansion. I love the idea that "God has bigger dreams for you than you can dream yourself". I see that every day with the "wow, how about that" events in my life. I know we all have them. The trick is to make certain that we notice them... which sometimes requires that we shift away from old thinking and try, what I call "what if" thinking. I find it very liberating.
Anyway, Next week is moving day for my dear friend to her new home at the Villa of Morelatton and the hard work is all complete..We had great fun with the process...the planning, sifting,sorting and packing of stuff. The measuring and shopping. And now the new furniture has arrived and her other things are being delivered to the new home on Tuesday. It is such and exciting time for her. She has embraced this change with great love and appreciation, as she does every thing in life... And that is why I have chosen her for my personal role model for aging well.

So as your sorting your stuff for the IRS, I hope you take a little time to update your wishes and dreams too....

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