Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Exploring Beaufort's Run

I recently discovered a web site listed on another website... www.BeaufortsRun was listed as one of their favorites web sites... and being a curious person, I clicked on to open. I discovered there is a wonderful sanctuary in Upper Pottsgrove, created and set aside by it's owners to celebrate the beauty and tranquility of their property, and their dedication to their beloved departed dog, Beaufort.

I couldn't resist...I had to visit this place. So I called a friend to see if she had heard of it. She had not so I invited her to join  me in my discovery. On August 16th the weather was perfect and we both had time in the late afternoon. I wanted afternoon light to practice my photography.  We met at the property off Moyer Rd in Upper Pottsgrove...not far from my home. The directions on the web page were easy and accurate, although if I had not seen my friends car...I would have missed it...just a simple clearing for parking... and after we got closer to the path, a beautiful metal sculpture of a standard Poodle then welcomed us at the beginning of the path.

Beaufort was a very loved dog...
This is the sign at the properties entrance stating that it is a certified wildlife habitat..It was not the a huge acreage I envisioned in my head (think Longwood Gardens)...But beautiful and just enough for a leisurely 45 minute stroll.  It is absolutely delightful, with wonderful  and whimsical little surprises sprinkled throughout.  We walked to the end and then backtracked to where we began...and we were amazed at the surprises we discovered at the second passing. 

this is the view as we entered the property.

These little guys just make you chuckle.

A lovely shrine at a peaceful turn in the path.

And this "out house"...  well what can I say...check out the boots...so hilarious.!!!
 This "Airstream" Bird house is my personal favorite...how clever....
and this little guy says it all....
So the next time you have an hour to treat yourself...take in the beautiful little bit of heaven that is    Beaufort's Run in Upper Pottsgrove...it will make your heart sing and spirits soar...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I was fortunate to be able to attend the Food and Art Festival at the Gallery at MCCC on August 5th.  The Affair featured a large gathering  of local restaurants, caterers and beer crafters gathered together to offer samplings of their finest fare to attendees as they looked at and enjoyed the displays of local artisans and crafters....many who had donated items for a silent auction.  It was a wonderful affair in a beautiful setting....the Art Gallery Building of the college on High St. It was well worth the $15.00 entry fee at the door.

The event was a fundraiser for  "Prays and Poinsettias"..a faith based group that raises money to help children who's mother has/is suffered the effects of Breast cancer.  It was started with one mothers love of her children and wish to ensure their education.
The following is the story from the website  www.prayersandpoinsettias.org

{ Three years ago, Barto resident Mary Beatty started a scholarship to fulfill her friend's final wish. Mary's friend, Andrea Smith Collins of Philadelphia, had breast cancer, and her thoughts were with the six children she would leave behind. "Her concern was, the mother passes away ad the father is grieving and then college is dropped," Beatty Explained. To aid Collin's children and other kids whose mothers have stage 4 breast cancer, Beatty set up Prayers and Poinsettias, a nonprofit scholarship foundation based in Barto.
Collins, 37, died in 2008, and last year Prayers and Poinsettias gave out its first scholarships: $500 to a freshman at Montgomery County Community College. Beatty is a graduate of that school. This year, the nonprofit is setting up a scholarship at Boyertown High School. "It's really a wonderful cause," Beatty said. The first year, the nonprofit sold 275 poinsettias at $20 apiece. "This years we're ramping it up," Beatty said. A May fundraiser in Pottstown called Taste of the Town, which included a silent auction and food tasting, raised $3,000 for the foundation. Future scholarship amounts will depend on how much money Prayers and Poinsettias can raise in a particular year."We would like to be able to pay a (student's) full tuition throughout community college,"Beatty said.}

The art on display was wonderful and high quality...my personal favorite, from the Hemlock Forge, was a gloriously large floral arrangement in a vase...all forged and sculpted out of metal with a wonderful bronze and slightly gilded finish....absolutely stunning...and absolutely out of my mad money budget...but to see the artistry was such a treat.
There were so many artisans I could not count them all but they filled 2 floors of the gallery....I trust they will credit  them all and all the restaurants on their web site...
It was a well planned event making for a wonderful Sunday afternoon....and I look forward to attending again next year...and know you will too.....

Thursday, August 2, 2012


This is part 2 of last weeks post and you may want to review it so this will make sense...I am having a little fun today with all this . I am exploring the person who wrote the original article about "101 Designer's Secrets" (House Beautiful 5/2012)  It seems that she is not a designer, but a freelance writer who specializes in articles about Interior Design, Horticulture, Archetecture and Food.  Which explains why she wrote these '101 secrets'.

To a non-design person these little tid-bits of design wisdom might ring true, but to someone who has worked in the field for years, these blanket statements of fact are not something I would ever claim or suggest you adhere too.

The one that is stuck in my 'craw' today is by a designer named Kate Ridder who believes that:

" A bed should be 23 inches off the floor, no higher". 

This got me thinking.. so I took my yardstick up stair to my own bedroom....Oops it's 26 inches..But  I think it looks terrific.  I have a large spacious bedroom with well sized furniture and 15 foot Vaulted Ceiling.  I also wanted it the same height as the matching Bachelor chests that I use for nightstands. They are large and are very balanced in the room...plus lots of storage. I then remembered hearing of a study done years ago by Domain, a high style retail  furniture company. (a store in the King of Prussia Mall).   They queried their customers and found that most people really prefer to climb up into a bed...not down into it.  Perhaps Ms Ridder works primarily with Far East design  or perhaps she is very petite...I don't know...so I  "Googled" her web site and checked out her work.  Just as I suspected...very clean Mid-Century modern designs with a touch of Asian influence. No big comfy looking beds here.
After I "Googled" Ms. Ridder,  I "Googled" the author of the article, Lisa Cregan. On her web site she listed all the articles that she has had published with pictures of the magazine covers..  I clicked on the one for the "101 Interior Design Secrets"  in  House Beautiful May of 2012...and to my surprise.. the online version of the article only listed 35 Designer Tips (which  are good starting ideas)... Ms. Ridder's belief was not one of them....Do you think Ms Cregan might have received some feed back from those of us in the field?

The moral of this story...as before...there are no hard and fast rules in Interior Design...And when in doubt...GOOGLE THE SOURCE......and now for me....I am going to climb into my Great Big High bed and have a wonderful and regal nights sleep.

SPECIAL NOTE..Next week I will return to writing about places around Pottstown...I'm planning a trip to explore Beauforts Run....you can google it.....and going forward I will be writing design tips on my new blog at the "Pottstown Post" every Friday. ...Carolyn Harris...Interior Design Coach.    Hope you will check it out and follow me there...