Monday, January 23, 2012

back with New places, New Ideas and New Information

I'm Back with New places,New ideas and New information It has been almost a year since I last posted. I took time off to survive the recession...and now that its over...I am back with many of new discoveries and ideas. In the coming weeks I will be sharing information and opinions on new places I have discovered and new ideas in the design community.

I am also embarking on a huge (for me) renovation project at my home and will be sharing the trials, tribulations and progress with you. The bids are in and the contractor is selected...My job in the next few weeks will be to empty the space for the builders. Its an arduous job, but for me this process is particularly insightful. You see, in my profession, I have occasionally had clients that required assistance in purging and de-cluttering. I assist them as a "coach" helping them to understand their need for 'stuff' and then release it. I am now getting a whole new perspective. I consider myself a neat and organized person.. so I was surprised at some of the items I have " given space to" over the years. Emotional attachment?..validation that I was there?... I already feel a new sense of freedom and liberation with the first 5 garbage bags on the curb.

Also, in the coming weeks I will share with you fabulous shops I have found..some new.. some just new to me. I will share great places to shop for valentines Day and lots lots more. And we will soon be in the Home Show season. It's always fun to see whats new and exciting. I hope you will check back often.

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