Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentines Day Shopping

Yes, there are all the usual shopping places for Cupids Day....jewelery stores, chocolate and wine stores and of course the florist.  But if you want to find something just a bit different...something with more of an artistic quality..then I have two wonderful suggestions...

Taylor Backes glass blowing studio is one of the areas treasures with national prominence. Just a walk through their fabulous studio at 2nd and Washington street in Boyertown is and awe inspiring experience.  The wonderful and sensuous glass objects, both vessels and sculpture pieces, will delight the eye. The vivid dance of colors as you go from room to room is so visually pleasing and exciting you will have to pause just to catch your breath from wonderment. And, of course the furnace is usually burning and an artisan can be seen working on a project of molten glass... Even if you are not planning to spend several hundred dollars for  and object d'art you will have sensation of having visited a  fine art museum.  But the real beauty of Taylor Backes studios is that you can always find gifts in all price ranges...from $15.00 up. To find out more about this national treasure and to plan your trip...

At Christmas time a friend took me to Bey's rock shop on Rte 100 north of the walmat store in Bechtelsville. I need to have a necklace restrung.  What a surprise.  The building is quite deceiving  as is the name of the magnificent treasures inside.  Beys is much much more than a rock shop.  It is a jewelery makers heaven with whole rooms filled with tables of beads from ordinary to exquisite.I picked up several beads for my charm bracelet for under $10.00.
Venture deeper into the shop and you find there are other rooms filled with Objects made of gemstones, crystal quartz and other exotic earth material.  There are fabulous bowls , pedestals, paper weights and other objects in all sizes and prices.  This place is a must  for more information..

And finally, this Monday morning is day 4 of the renovation in my home and the Framing is up and the new window is in and today the electrician is working his magic...and tomorrow the sheet rock...unbelievable! A finished basement in  just over 7 days....I am a very happy home owner....thank you Greg!

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