Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas at Welkinweir

On December 10th I joined with friends to tour the mansion at Welkinweir in all its Christmas finery. It was a beautiful clear evening and we were the first to arrive at 5:00 pm. Upon entering the main entrance I was impressed by the huge 2 story windows on either side of the fabulous front door…the expansive entryway with a stunning curved stairway to the second floor. There was a second story window opening to the foyer where, we learned, a massive pipe organ was housed. We were then directed to observe the huge opening in the ceiling as that was where the pipes where and the sound would resonate from. Unfortunately, they had problems and it was not operational that evening.
We then moved down three curved marble steps to the stunning living room with its original furnishings in tact and dressed with modest greenery. Chippendale style sofas, oriental rugs and occasional chairs, all beautifully aged. In front of us the outside wall looked out on the patio and in the distance the pond.
Our next room was to the right of the foyer and much more rustic and relaxed. One of my companions, a local historian, told us about how at one time it had been two rooms and where they took down the wall to make it one large room. This room had the rustic beams exposed and a massive stone fireplace surrounded with beautiful leather furnishings and huge oriental rugs. You can just imagine the gatherings in this room during its earlier days.
Our next venture was off to the left of the grand foyer to the formal dining room with it massive table to seat I think twenty. The centerpiece on this table was exquisite in its simplicity…a long scarf of greens with delicate crystal icicles and soft evergreen garlands on the huge window that again overlooked the patio and pond.

The entire tour time was short but worth the effort. The next time the mansion will be open, other than for private events, will be Mothers day for their annual Tea.

In closing, I wish you all a wonderful and warm Holiday Season.

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