Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seasoned Citizens at Villa at Morlatton

I vowed I would write once a week...but the best laid plans...well you know...

I recently visited the Villa at Morlatton with a dear friend who is considering that life-style at this stage of her life...she is a very young and spirited 85..but she will soon be surrendering her drivers licence and thought this would be a wonderful alternative to her town home in Boyertown. She is a life long resident of Pottstown so the visit was fun for her as we ran into many of her old friends. It was clear to me that this was a great idea.

I have often driven past this facility, but had not given much thought to what was inside. So it was a pleasant surprise to learn of all the amenities this facilities offers their residents. The public areas where wonderfully designed and decorated with rich draperies and wonderful upholstered furniture everywhere..and the 2 story atrium in the lobby was bright and pleasant even on the stormy day when we visited.
It was obvious that their design goal was to provide warm and inviting surroundings that would encourage socializing. I noticed a large game room with wonderful tables and chairs for card games, a library stocked with books, a room for crafting and hobbies. The best surprise was the wonderful courtyards and formal gardens behind the building...water falls, ponds pergolas and very inviting.

Our trip was successful in that my friend has made a deposit on her new home. We are now working on what she will take to her new home and how we will design her new fabulous suite...she is so very excited about this move and I am pleased that there is such a wonderful place for our fabulous Seasoned Citizens

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