Monday, September 27, 2010

Post script..color and history..

Ah, the first rule of blogging...keep it simple and short...well my last blog had 3 distinct color thoughts..I was rambling..and apologize.

I had more time to research the Dewey Color System over the weekend. They have a wonderful web site where you can actually take a test. I was amazed by my personalized report after the short test. It was fun and so accurate, that I was a bit stunned for a minute. I recommend it.. if just for fun or perhaps if you are thinking of a change and willing to think out of the box. and you will see a link for the short test.

I think when doing this it would be wise to do it fast without to much thinking or rationalizing. Just click your selections and see what comes back.. Would love to hear back on what you think.

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