Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Color: Historic signs of improvement.

I recently stumbled upon a new color theory developed by Human Resource Managers. It was hailed as a new tool for matching personality type with job type. In their research, the authors of the Dewey Color System discovered that our personal color preferences seem to be a reliable indicator of personality as it relates to work style. Introverted or Outgoing. "Works better in structured environment or works best without supervision". All very fascinating.

I have know for years that we express how we feel about our lives with the colors we choose to surround ourselves with...Just look at the wardrobe of the corporate America with it somber "Power" suits and then look at the wardrobe of the artisans and gallery owners...free spirited and colorful..optimistic.

You can also trace the historic mood of the country with the colors of the time. The opulent Victorians could not get enough color on their homes. Then the Craftsmen movement that followed wanted only the true colors found in nature and much more understated..and of course there was the depression when survival trumped self expression..frugality is a dull grey palette.

So, I was thrilled the other day when browsing through new editions of my favorite home fashion magazines. A color we have not seen in the Home Furnishing and Fashion Palate for at least 5 years was Everywhere... It is the color of hope, security and prosperity.

The National Color Council has been responsible for the colors in our lives for many years. Their recommendations are put in motion several years in advance. They influence clothing, home furnishings, automotive and industrial manufactures and what is offered us. After the sudden crash of the financial system in 2007, we were stuck with the watery and light hearted hues projected during the 'feel good' Pre-crash days. And our "instant mood change" left us longing for solid, true and familiar colors. I observed that many people who where in a place to make purchases in the last 2 years, wanted the strong and solid colors, only to find many shades of beige, watery blues, dusty greens, and muted tones...and black.

The good news....The big new color is... Blue...wonderful, deep, rich Blue. From rich Azures and Lapis' to our favorite Navies...and lots of deep, saturated Forest Greens in all shades..Nothing muted or understated. These are the colors that make us feel good. Solid, Stable and Optimistic. Is this a sign that things are improving?...It works for me..but then I am a practitioner of positive thinking..

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