Sunday, November 4, 2012


I recently attended a gathering at the Mercury with the wonderful people from the YWCA of Pottstown.  It was an informational and brainstorming meeting concerning the adult literacy program that is run by the YWCA.  I had not thought about this problem, adult who can't read but want to learn.  It was not part of my world ... until Hurricane Sandy. 

As I have stated before,  I grew up in central NH...  The White mountains, On Golden Pond, beautiful  autumn colors and fierce winter storms.  It's the storm part that teaches you appreciation for nature with all its amazing power and how to live with it.

During my preparation for any storm event,  in addition to stocking up on food, water, candles, batteries and wine, I always include reading materials...books and  magazines that I have not taken the time to explore are always a stacked on the coffee table. I learned  early in life that getting lost in a book is a good way to endure an extended power outage.. there are other things too...but that's for another blog.

During my preparation for Sandy,  I began to ponder that meeting again and wondered what my life would be like without knowing how to read.   I realized the immense freedom I have because I can read...the joy of being able to receive thank you notes, birthday cards, and even the monthly bills and understand the thoughts expressed in each envelop or email.  I suddenly felt a chill at the thought of not having that skill. I felt a tinge in my soul when I recognized the  value I place on owning books...they are all over my home..every room has reading material somewhere in the room.  I tried to imagine what my world be like without having the ability to explore and understand thoughts, ideas and concepts of great writers...My life would be so different and impoverished.

The Mercury is joining forces with the YWCA to aid their Literacy Program  It's funds have been cut drastically because of the economic conditions our state is experiencing.  On Sunday, November 11 the Mercury will be kicking of its awareness and fundraising campaign with a feature story about the program.   There will be links to social media as well as inspiring stories and ways that you can help raise money and awareness.

It is not just money that is needed.  The YWCA also needs volunteers who are willing to commit to be a teacher. They have a complete training program to guide you with all you will need to change someones life. All you  give is time and compassion.     It takes a lot of time to build a teaching/learning/trusting relationship with another human being... but I  can't think of anything that is more important during this life than sharing thoughts, ideas and understanding with another member of my community.

For my part, I will be writing more about this effort.. and I am even giving some thought to becoming a volunteer.  I hope you will join the effort...Mark your calender and follow this blog for links and more information....
Oh Yes...Sandy spared me and my neighbors.  I had a tree fall on my deck.. but no loss of power...Just cozy time indoors to contemplate and appreciate all that I have.
To help the YWCA  click on this link and register your support...and an anonymous donor will give us $1.00 for each register at the site....
Thanks for your help...Carolyn

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  1. To support the Read and Write for Literacy Campaign, visit and sign your name and email address. For every valid name and email address, $1 will be donated to the YWCA Adult Literacy Program from an anonymous donor.