Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Being a a very under employed Interior Designer, during the longest economic slow down in years...I have time on my hands.. between networking and looking for alternative employment...I was cruzzin' the web the other day and found a site that led me to a shop I had not heard of ....with a very funny name..

FROGTOWN..Their website  was interesting and I could not resist a little trip down Rte 100 to 23 find this place.. I found it on the left...just before the entrance to St. Peters Village on the right...The building looked like it may have been a convenience store in its past life, but there where large green flags to let me know I had found it. The ambiance was wonderful...lots of light..nice hardwood floors...fresh white walls..and lively but soft jazz music. The show room beckoned me in... One of the principles of the organization, Colin Macy, was knowledgeable and delightful...A brave man, I thought, to start a business a year ago during a recession!
 There is a wonderful collection of very sweet children's gifts that are sure melt hearts and become family heirlooms.

There is also a large selection of beautiful jewelry that would fill any woman's heart with joy on Christmas morning.
The paintings on display...all by local artists... where wonderful and showed the great diversity of talent in the Tri County area..the displays where interesting and whimsical, and related well to each other.

This solid cherry, hand crafted cradle..made by Colin's dad, a furniture maker,  is exquisite....What Grandmother wouldn't want her Grandchild sleeping in this beautiful piece of furniture...Colin's dad had many other pieces on display and all very reasonably priced... for the quality of the workmanship.  I am not normally a pottery person...more a crystal and china gal...but the tableware on display made me a convert.  Very different and colorful with wonderful style.. and a bit of whimsy that would blend well with the most formal of settings. Fine wood pieces and elegant but casual pottery.

They also had wonderful artistic cards an small items.. perfect for holiday hostess gifts..bring your wallet..

And while you are here....I would not have been able to discover this great place if  I could not read and enjoy the I hope you will take  moment to click this link.. and register you support for the Pottstown Mercury's Literacy drive...for each registered email reader...we have a donor who has pledge $1.00 to our fundraising drive for the YWCA's literacy campaign....go my heart here..  and sign on....

Thanks and look for my next blog about the ARTFUSION19464  OPEN HOUSE...DECEMBER 7TH.

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