Friday, July 27, 2012


I have been very busy lately discovering new music venues and wonderful art and theater,  but I am not an entertainment or art critic...I am a Designer. So I am going to take this blog in a more profession direction for a while.

A Designer friend recently presented me with a list of "101 DESIGNER SECRETS" that she found in a prestigious design magazine. This group of "Top Interior Designers" where interviewed for their personal tips and rules.. As I was reading some the "rules"  I felt like screaming...No, that's not true in all cases!
I found some of  this to be a tad bit arrogant.. as interior design is an art form and therefor has no rules.  An idea... that in one situation can feel quite off, when applied in another situation can be quite perfect. 

So for the next few weeks or months.. I will examine some of  these "design secrets"..and free you all to be as creative as your heart desires..because good design is about "Your Home" and "Your likes" and what feels good to you.

The first "Rule" I will contest is by a designer named Carey Maloney.
  "don't hang a mirror between windows. The spatial void it creates distracts from the view. And don't fall prey to using mirrors in every room or over every mantel.  Mirrors are not art, and a room needs art."

Well, there is one concept here I will accept.  Don't hang a mirror over a mantel... and the reason is quite simple.  When you are sitting in that room.... look at the mantel from the seated place..if you  see the reflection of the ceiling, and or opposing wall.. then perhaps  a wonderful  piece interesting of art would be more appreciated.   And as for hanging a mirror between windows...well that depends on so many things.. the space between the windows, the size of the windows, the size of the mirror, the frame design housing the mirror and how does it work with the size of the room.  I recently let a client hang wonderful antique mirror between two windows in the guest room we where working on and it is quite prefect and the best place in the room to show of this beautiful piece.

And as for the idea of "Mirror's not being art"....well that is just plain silly.  I personally a a large Venetian glass framed mirror, which is one of my most elegant possessions. If your personal collection includes several interesting and wonderful mirrors that relate to each other, have fun with them and hang them as an art grouping on one wall.   It could  be a great focal point.

One myth down and many more to go...and if you have design questions about your personal project, please feel free to email me and I will give you some ideas to think about....See you again soon with more rules to debunk...

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