Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Barns Alive..Must See

There is a wonderful exhibit of "Barn Paintings" at the Montgomery County Community College that should not be missed ...whether  you are an art person  ..or just a lover of  anything country..or an appreciator of talent and vision...I know you will enjoy this downtown Pottstown....Sherry McVickar has her paintings on display and her vision of old Barns  is extraordinary...she calls herself the Barn Lady...and she has that right 

I am not an art officianardo...but I do know what makes my heart sing...and her interpretation of the "Grand Dames" of country architecture is amazing...She has a vision of color and light that is unlike any other artist I have experienced...and I have seen a lot of New England renditions as well as Eastern Pennsylvania art.

Sherry brings a bigness and boldness to these wonderful structures with her point of view... and then she infuses them with light and color that can only be experienced during a set minute of that days sunlight...

Sherry McVickar is a creative genius with her brush, paint medium, and pallet.  Her work is  a joy to behold...

You must not miss this showing at the Montgomery County Community College which ends June 29th...if you do...check out her website at    

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