Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Exploring Beaufort's Run

I recently discovered a web site listed on another website... www.BeaufortsRun was listed as one of their favorites web sites... and being a curious person, I clicked on to open. I discovered there is a wonderful sanctuary in Upper Pottsgrove, created and set aside by it's owners to celebrate the beauty and tranquility of their property, and their dedication to their beloved departed dog, Beaufort.

I couldn't resist...I had to visit this place. So I called a friend to see if she had heard of it. She had not so I invited her to join  me in my discovery. On August 16th the weather was perfect and we both had time in the late afternoon. I wanted afternoon light to practice my photography.  We met at the property off Moyer Rd in Upper Pottsgrove...not far from my home. The directions on the web page were easy and accurate, although if I had not seen my friends car...I would have missed it...just a simple clearing for parking... and after we got closer to the path, a beautiful metal sculpture of a standard Poodle then welcomed us at the beginning of the path.

Beaufort was a very loved dog...
This is the sign at the properties entrance stating that it is a certified wildlife habitat..It was not the a huge acreage I envisioned in my head (think Longwood Gardens)...But beautiful and just enough for a leisurely 45 minute stroll.  It is absolutely delightful, with wonderful  and whimsical little surprises sprinkled throughout.  We walked to the end and then backtracked to where we began...and we were amazed at the surprises we discovered at the second passing. 

this is the view as we entered the property.

These little guys just make you chuckle.

A lovely shrine at a peaceful turn in the path.

And this "out house"...  well what can I say...check out the boots...so hilarious.!!!
 This "Airstream" Bird house is my personal favorite...how clever....
and this little guy says it all....
So the next time you have an hour to treat yourself...take in the beautiful little bit of heaven that is    Beaufort's Run in Upper Pottsgrove...it will make your heart sing and spirits soar...

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